Team Member CV

Dr. Varvara Sygouni

Research Fellow Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Patras & FORTH/ICE-HT

Research Activities

Transport phenomena and physicochemical processes, sand consolidation or inhibition of scaling phenomena during oil recovery. natural muds characterization and stabilization with the use of additives for the production of cosmetics, pollution of water and soil from nanoparticles, CO2 storage in conjunction with oil recovery, CO2 leakage effects on biofilms, secondary and tertiary oil/gas production from reservoirs, soil remediation from organic and inorganic pollutants.


Participation in Research Projects

Participation in international (ΤRACE-FRACTURE- 5th FP sub-program ENERGY,  ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, – STRESOIL" under the 6th FP sub-program GLOBAL CHANGE AND ECOSYSTEMS, Re-Water Interreg Greece- Italy), national (Geomecs-Thales, BioNFate- Aristeia I, PharmaMuds-Greece Israel Cooperation, SPM Aristeia II) and industrial research projects (IFP Energies Nouvelles- Project funded by Repsol/YPF).


Laboratory of Unit operations II, Mass and Energy Balances, Materials and Environment, Laboratories of fluid mechanics, Ηeat transfer, Physics.


20 refereed journal, 36 papers in proceedings of international conferences, 12 papers in proceedings of national conferences.

Selected papers
  1. A. G. Pantziaros, X. A. Trachili, A. D. Zentelis, V. Sygouni, C.A. Paraskeva. “A new olive oil production scheme with almost zero wastes”, accepted for publication in Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery (2020).
  2. V. Sygouni, A.G. Pantziaros, Ι.C. Iakovides, E. Sfetsa, P.Ι. Bogdou, E.A. Christoforou, C. A. Paraskeva “Treatment of two-phase olive mill wastewater and recovery of phenolic compounds”, Membranes 9, 27 (2019).
  3. Kamitsou M.D., Sygouni V., Kanellopoulou D.G., Gardikis K. and Koutsoukos P.G. “Physicochemical characterization of sterilized muds selected for pharmaceutics/cosmetic applications”, Environmental Geochemistry and Health (2017)
  4. Spilioti, E., Vargiami, M., Letsiou, S., Gardikis, K., Sygouni, V., Koutsoukos, P., Chinou, I., Kassi, E., and P. Moutsatsou, “Biological properties of mud extracts derived from various spa resorts”, Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 39 (4), pp. 821-833 (2017)
  5. Jaho, S., Sygouni, V., Rokidi, S., Parthenios, J., Koutsoukos, P.G., Paraskeva, C.A. “Precipitation of Calcium Carbonate in Porous Media in the Presence of n-Dodecane”, Crystal Growth and Design, 16(12), pp. 6874-6884 (2016)