Work Packages

WP1 Management, monitoring and evaluation of the project

The key objective of this work package is to ensure that the project is carried out within the time schedule and the allocated budget, and the tasks of the project are performed with high quality with an effective and efficient cooperation among all participants. The activities of the team will be monitored and discussed in view of its expected achievements versus the success during the entire project duration.

WP2 Laboratory Experiments

A systematic parametric study for the isolation of oleuropein and its hydrolyzation to the hydroxytyrosol are performed.

WP3 Pilot plant operation

Experiments at pilot scale (100 kg/h) are performed, for the verification of the optimum results obtained from the laboratory experimental study.

WP4 Process Design & System Analysis

The objective of the system analysis is to identify all the necessary treatment steps, plot process flow charts, and to create an inventory of key data of the phenols isolation processes investigated in the project, for their technoeconomic and life cycle assessment.

WP5 Dissemination

This work package includes tasks on communication and dissemination activities. Through an influential dissemination program, including a Workshop and media presentations, the project achievements will be promoted ensuring the spreading of the above integrated approach to other interesting parties in EU. The work package covers resources to contribute, to common dissemination activities and a final evaluation in order to increase synergies between projects supported by this program and to increase their visibility.